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Original and Collector Series Sculptures

Beautify your home and enhance your collection with very limited edition sculptures which remember and honor the great leaders of America's native people.

We are very pleased to offer the sculptures of Phil Cote here at the buckskin gallery. Phil Cote trained at the Worcester Art Museum and the Massachusetts College of Art. His bronzes are much sought after and are proudly displayed in galleries throughout New England and New York and in collections worldwide. Phil's work was chosen for participation in the 1996 Charles M. Russell auction, a prestigious recognition bestowed on only 30 sculptors. His scholarship regarding Eastern Woodland Indians has gained him an enthusiastic audience for his series, "The People". Watch this page for the new collection: Last of the Mohicans. His studio is located in central Massachusetts, only five miles from King Philip's seat of power atop Mount Wachussett.

The Delaware Prophet

Every age and nation has spokesmen urging a return to the ways of its ancestors. A charismatic and influential holy man known only as The Delaware Prophet, preached such a philosophy in the 1760's. The Prophet called on the native people to renounce the ways of the whites, to drop their acquired European customs, and to cease all trade for liquor, firearms, and other trade goods. He pleaded to eliminate all war between tribes, asking instead that The People create unity. Along with tribal brotherhood, he urged racial purity. The influence of the Eastern Woodland Indians is felt, seen, and heard in our everyday lives. Their culture gives us the names of our states, cities, mountains and rivers. They enrich our language and add to our jargon, for example, with words like powpow and moccasin. We "bury the hatchet" and offer a "pipe of peace".

If you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing one of these limited edition sculptures, please E-mail Us or call Sheldon Royal at (978) 433-9702 or at (978) 433-9458.